Why You Need A CIO

Every successful Foundation, Bank, Pension & Asset Manager has a Chief Investment Officer…YOU SHOULD TOO.

A CIO provides complete leadership in the field of investing. From portfolio construction, to analysis, to trading, and to the technology supporting it all – the CIO is responsible for deep understanding and implementation.

A jack of all trades is a master of none. Provide the specialized service and complete platform your clients demand and deserve with a true CIO.

Who We Serve

You do what you do best. We do the rest.

Insurance Agents

You keep the house from falling down. Because of this great responsibility your clients trust your opinion in all areas of their financial life.

Registered Investment Advisors

You run a conflict free business focused solely on doing what is best for the client. Your team of advisors represents your brand in understanding, communicating, empathizing and educating your client base.

Independent Advisors

Your clients choose you for your loyalty to them over institutions. You have perfected the art of listening to understand, not to solely respond.


You are arguably the most trusted voice in a financial household. Your commitment during tax time and support throughout the entire year, is more than just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

How We Think

As your partner. As your advocate.


Dotting I’s and crossing T’s – meaning fighting for every client’s penny, diversifying among strategies and managers and actively understanding the biases our models may hold. Recognizing there is no sure thing. Understanding we need to stay away from what we do not understand.

Never relying on a brand to authenticate a strategy or a manager. We continuously read, learn, analyze and question – everything. These are just some of the disciplines we hold dear as we navigate the realities of uncertain markets in doing our best for you and your client.


The vast majority of client wealth we manage is earmarked for retirement and next generation, typically decades away. We therefore align our thought leadership (and investments) to focus on that journey.

Expected changes in global demographics, the effect of artificial intelligence on future jobs, and continued US dominance on the global stage are just some of the topics we deeply explore, applying our findings to our investment approach and sharing thoughtful commentaries with our client base.


Over the last couple of decades, financial technology has grown exponentially. It has not grown in a straight line, meaning that upstarts consistently innovate to disrupt a service and provide something meaningfully better.

We are not a technology company. We are technologically-aware and technology-enabled. That means we are positioned to take advantage of these disruptions by switching products used on our technology stack in better servicing you and your end client. Our goal is to provide a CIO service that takes advantage of technology – not vice versa.


We have the luxury of being independent, allowing us to leverage the vast, mature asset management industry that has been built up over decades. And we are not shy.

In our position as CIO, we also have the luxury of observing many approaches to efficiently guide and support one’s client. We share our findings and our process freely. Your success equates to our success and vice versa.