What We Do

We lead on our specialty – Asset Management.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, focus on a specialized task is imperative for success. You specialize in attaining clients, becoming that trusted financial fiduciary and providing the planning necessary for long term success.

How We Empower You

OCIO Services

With Fountainhead Asset Management you receive the luxury of focusing solely on your key advantages by allowing us, your partner, to lead on all investment related matters. As your CIO, and aligned as your partner, our goal is to provide a seamless experience for the client while empowering you to devote all your time on fully servicing existing clients and attaining new ones.


We SUPPORT your financial planning process with distinguished analytics, proven technology and effective best practice.

Asset Management

We LEAD on your money management. Note our Role of the CIO below.

Business Development

We BOOST your business development with notable competitive analysis, unique client collateral and seasoned practice management.

Role Of The CIO

Model Portfolios

A client’s financial + psychological position typically points to an optimal risk / reward exposure. Models represent that exposure through a diversified approach to the best strategies and managers in our view. It allows us to allocate efficiently and focus much of our time on reviewing and enhancing our model holdings and providing you with a solid understanding of how your client is invested.

Satellite Investments

Satellite investments provide the opportunity to further diversify and fine tune a client’s risk / reward objectives. Typically, there is some feature of a satellite investment that makes it not appropriate for a model. For example, they may have a lack of liquidity or a high minimum investment level. At the same time, it provides that opportunity for a client touch with a unique offering that is generally not accessible directly for the client.

Holistic Investment Alignment

Clients are almost never a blank slate. They have insurance products, existing investments, distinct goals – some unique story. Simply sticking them in a model may exacerbate a concentrated position as an example. The more information we have in regards to the client, the better we can tailor to their true needs using both the tools mentioned above as well as other approaches and strategies as necessary.

Client Dashboard

All necessary client information at your fingertips. Cash positions, systematics, models, account setup, and other relevant details are updated and provided continuously on your client dashboard.

Analytics + Reporting

Uncover the hidden biases within one’s portfolio with analytics and associated reporting among other insightful functionality.

Onboarding + Servicing

Assist and ensure that all accounts and households are set up properly.

Client Collateral + Calls

On a monthly basis, we provide a Market Commentary focusing on a relevant aspect of the market that is less discussed by general media. On a quarterly basis we explore longer term secular trends that will affect our clients’ lives and investments. We host monthly advisor calls that discuss the markets, updates in our processes, satellite opportunities and more. We also host quarterly client calls; all of which you can offer to your clients as a unique added value and on going touch-base.

Best Practice Alignment

Our goal is to make your life simple. To allow you to focus on what you do best. And to continuously help you get even better at what you do.

Collaborative Software + Approach

We are a partner, a cooperative if you may. If you do better, we do better and vice versa. We use software that allows us to collaborate efficiently and expect to have an open line of communication in order to increase opportunity across our community.